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Technology - Showcasing SinoHy hydrogen generation

SinoHy Energy is one of the world's leading providers of electrolyzers, which form the core of almost all hydrogen energy solutions. SinoHy Energy was established in 2007, and focuses mainly on research and development, production and sales of equipment for comprehensive hydrogen energy supply systems.

It has mature Alkaline and PEM electrolyzers (MW scale), BOP systems, AEM (anion exchange membrane) electrolyzers, hydrogen compressors, and hydrogen supply and storage systems, etc.

SinoHy Energy has successfully participated in the design, production, installation, commissioning and technical services of over 200 hydrogen electrolyzers globally. Zest is proud to represent SinoHy in Australia, and assists Australian energy developers to take projects from conception to commissioning.

3 x 500 m3/h alkaline electrolyzer stacks ready for integration into 7.5 MW system

Electrolyser specifications

SinoHy's electrolysers start at 5 m3/h and increase through 100, 500, 1000 and 1200 m3/h, with even larger units (3000 m3/h) now nearing availability.

Hydrogen output51005001200Nm3/h
Cooling water120100240t/h

On-site view of Balance Of Plant for a 500 kg/day hydrogen refueling station.


Refuelling bus

Zest recognises that, in many applications, hydrogen storage will be essential. Particularly for those that are not feeding into a large gas pipeline. If you are looking for a large scale (20 tonnes and up to 500 tonnes) and economic hydrogen storage solution, we think the solution from Ardent Underground makes it feasible. Ardent use proven vertical shaft drilling technology from the mining industry to bore shafts that are then lined with steel and capped. Zest is pleased to work with customers looking for an integrated hydrogen production and storage solution.

Ardent Underground vertical hydrogen storage solution: 20-500 tonne hydrogen capacity

Vertical underground storage

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