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Renewable energy and advanced energy storage solutions

Zest Energy is an Australian company specialising in Renewable Energy and Energy Storage solutions. Zest can assist end users to select and procure the right equipment and configuration for diverse applications. The company has deep expertise in all types of renewable energy sources and energy storage solutions to reduce intermittency and enable despatch on demand. Zest also works with technology suppliers, property developers, utilities and energy users to design and install energy storage systems to reduce peak demand and energy costs, and to provide a quality power supply that either complements or negates the need for diesel or gas fired generators. We are proud to partner with a leading supplier of hydrogen generating equipment HyGreen Energy.

Long term energy storage is a critical requirement for power grids that rely on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. While lithium batteries are ideal for short term storage (e.g. up to 12 h) and provision of grid support services such as FCAS, they are uneconomic - and impractical - for periods of days and longer. Their value arises from being able to rapidly charge and discharge, providing an attractive cost per cycle (often seen as 1 or 2 cycles/day). However using such batteries for long term storage - such as weeks - results in unacceptable storage cycle costs.

This is where hydrogen as an energy storage solution can make sense. Excess power from solar or wind can be converted to hydrogen using electrolysers and stored almost indefinitely, depending on the storage medium. Hydrogen can be stored as a compressed gas, above or below ground, within a solid hydride/alloy, or as ammonia or methanol. When required, stored hydrogen can be converted back to electricity using fuel cells, turbines and even internal combustion engines.

As with batteries, the choice of the most appropriate technology can be fraught. Zest Energy can provide independent advice and is ready to work with you in this exciting new era.

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